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Collen’s writing is addictive, once you start a book it will be difficult to put it down because you HAVE TO know what is going to happen. She never leaves loose ends (except for those letters in regretting you :S), her books are easy reading and she addresses topics that you may not openly talk about (It ends with us).

For us it all started with Verity, the girls in the book club were excited to read it, this book is mind-blowing. It’s been months since we finish this one and still is a conversation starter.

Of her long list of books we have read so far: Verity, It ends with us, Reminders of HIM, November 9, Ugly Love, Layla, Regretting You. Loving every single one of them.

Colleen’s novels fall into the New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romance BUT we will love to see more psychological thriller stories.

If you want to explore more books here is a guide from Colleen Hoover’s Instagram:

So what’s next?

What is your favorite of Colleen’s book?

Feel free to discuss it on the comments.

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